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Healthwatch Oxfordshire responds over Prescribing Incentive plan


Healthwatch Oxfordshire believes that any incentive scheme for county GPs to reduce prescribing costs must put the wellbeing of patients above any other consideration.

Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Prescribing Incentive Scheme aims to reduce prescribing costs by offering GPs a financial incentive to reduce prescribing costs to certain patient groups, including people in care homes and those over 70. For every £2 per patient saved, the GP surgery would receive £1 back.

Rosalind Pearce, Executive Director, Healthwatch Oxfordshire, said: “We understand the need for the health service in Oxfordshire to reduce spending. The driver behind this plan is saving money and we understand people’s concerns that it could mean a reduction in the quality of care.  Whilst this is not the intention of the scheme, any implementation of this planning should be closely monitored to ensure that the quality of patient care is not reduced.

“We also believe that it is also important to ensure that any money returned to GP surgeries for making these savings is ploughed back into the practice to improve patient care.”