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Final appeal to Deer Park patients to find new surgeries


Healthwatch Oxfordshire is urging patients at Witney’s Deer Park surgery to register with a new practice THIS WEEK before the surgery closes on Friday, March 24.

 It is understood that more than 2,000 people have not yet re-registered with another surgery. From Friday, those people will find themselves without a GP.

 While people will still be able to see a GP in an emergency or go to an Accident and Emergency centre without being registered with a GP, health professionals such as doctors will not have access to their medical records so their history or medication could be unknown.  For patients who have ongoing care from their GP, this is even more important to ensure continuity of care.

 Rosalind Pearce, Executive Director of Healthwatch Oxfordshire, said: “Care could be compromised if patients are not registered with a GP. 

 “There will be no more doctor appointments at Deer Park Medical Practice after Friday March 24.  Patients need to register with another practice now. Check which practice catchment area you live in and register with a new GP.  If you live in Witney there are three practices in Witney that are waiting to take you on, and Deer Park staff are happy to support and advise you.’

 “One of the easiest things that patients can do to look after their own health and well-being is to be registered at a GP surgery and it is clearly in their interests to register now, before their first choice surgery becomes full up.”

 Register with a new GP by visiting the practice or online by visiting their website.

 People who are unsure about the catchment areas of particular surgeries can find more information on Healthwatch Oxfordshire’s website at http://www.healthwatchoxfordshire.co.uk/news/catchment-area-advice-deer-park-patients

 Information is also available from Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group at http://www.oxfordshireccg.nhs.uk/news-and-media/news-articles/update-on-deer-park-medical-centre-referral-to-secretary-of-state-for-health/